DSC_1359-1José Valdes was born in Valparaiso in Chile and already sung on stage with the age of 7 as imitator of his latin idol Luis Miguel. His mother brought him to Hamburg, Germany when he was 10 years old because she had the chance for a new job.

There he started singing in the group “Boyz of 2000“, becoming the lead singer. After that, he sang in the boyband “Dos en Uno“ produced by Frank Ramond (Udo Lindenberg, Ina Müller) and finally made a name for himself in the german music business.

José Valdes worked together with Toni Cottura (Backstreet Boys, Nana), with whom he wrote some hits in Spanish for the rumanian superstar “Corina“.

He conquered the charts in Germany with the band “Hot Banditoz” with Fernanda Brandao. DSC_1715-s

In 2014 Valdes collaborated with Matthias Hass (Roger Cicero, Annett Lousian) for his new album in German language “Mein Leben – Mi vida”. It contains a lot of autobiographic songs like “Señorita“.

Now, he decided to go back to his roots and produced with Team 33 Music his new spanish latino Album “Amor y Música”. The single “Taka Takata” was released on the 11/08/2017. The album contains many danceable songs and a few very powerful and emotional ballads. You can also find some cool remakes of the Hits “Dime Tu Nombre“ (“Let Your Love Flow“) and Será Que No Me Amas” (“Blame It On The Boogie“).

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