Hats are Oren Gilat & Mor Zarbel from Israel.
After over 10 years of producing and releasing music under different aliases
on their solo projects spreading to all kinds of electronics beats and styles ,
in 2014 Hats was formed and started the search after a new sound to produce.

The name Hats got chosen as a mark to the many “hats” musicians needs to “wear” this days
(musician, social media promoter, graphic designer etc.…).

Combining different genres with their own musical world Hats brings
a fusion of sounds into their music.

In their debut EP Hats – On! Hats joining forces with some of the most immerging name
at the Israeli Indie & Rock Scene: Diana Golbi, Gal Nisman (Full Trunk), Gal De Paz and Tom Gefen

 Their new EP is coming on January 2017, Stay Tuned!

Hats – Fire feat. Diana Golbi

Diana Golbi

Diana Golbi (23 years old, born in Moscow) is a Russian-Israelisinger and actress, the eighth winner of Kokhav Nolad, the Israeli version of  Pop Idol. Golbi is the third female participant to win the show.Golbi was born as Diana Golovanov in Moscow, Russia. When she turned four, her parents decided to immigrate to Israel, and moved to the city of Holon. Already in her childhood, Golbi fell in love with the stage. She studied theatre in an American studio, and when she was 12, she went to perform in a big theatre in St. Petersburg. During 2008 Golbi and her friends for med a rock band, called HaRusim. HaRusim is a double meaning: it means both “The Ruined Ones” and “The Russian Ones” in Hebrew, since the members of the band are all Russian originally.


Hats – No Love Song feat. Gal De Paz

Gal De Paz

Gal de Paz (28 years old). She emerged from the body and soul of Gal De paz. Singing, performing and writing/composing music since the age of 10, there was never a doubt in her heart she will make nothing but music for the rest of her life. At the age of 17 she got accepted to Rimon Music School’ and by the middle of her first year there, being the youngest student at the music university, she won first place at the prestige competition of the school, which gave her a scholarship for the year after.




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