During his career, Tanny Mas was not only a part of different established music groups,
his musical differences brought him to take part of unaccountable projects which made him
develop and mature musically, and thanks to this he had the opportunity to meet many musicians who share the same differences.

With these thoughts in mind, Tanny teamed in summer 2009 with the drummer Toni Beltran,
he decided to ground his own group, where he plays Bass guitar and is the lead-singer.

The group has developed in different phases. During the development of the Tanny Mas band
many musicians have come and gone, and re-shaped the band from trio to quartet, then to quintet to finally after 2 years of reforming to the current formation.

Tanny Mas Band have collaborated with famous jazz and soul musicians, like Max Suñer
and the singer Lenny Zacatek from the Alan Parsons Project.

Tanny Mas Band presents itself as a mature band with an eclectic musical range which to
inspires to adapt to the wide public, combining a sophisticated repertoire based on jazz standards and jazz-fusions with a lighter repertoire based on contemporary pop, rock, blues and soul classics.

Check out the new single from Tanny Mas “Dame La Luna”

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